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Marriage talks so typical

It always be both pleasant and strain talks when the topic is marriage.

Smile is always there, but long deep breathe used to precede every words my heart has spoken. It could be a symbol of consideration, carefulness, doubt, or even deep-thought for something I yet understand or think about.

But, like the other life game, it forces me to keep progressing on something I believe to bring happiness for millions of hearts. Marriage feeds love and happiness to the hearts of parents, families, friends and last but not least, the lovely one.

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Setahun Kemarin

17 Februari
Sore itu, setelah semua pekerjaan selesai di kantor, saya coba mengingat apa yang spesial dari tanggal ini. Segera saya buka akun facebook. Langsung, saya scrool timeline ke tanggal 17 Februari 2014.

Seusai sidang skripsi, 17 Februari 2014
Seusai sidang skripsi, 17 Februari 2014

Ya, 17 Februari setahun kemarin jadi momen yang jelas tak bisa dilupakan seumur hidup saya. Beberapa kawan tahu betul cerita panjang hari itu.

Hari itu, saya menjalani sidang skripsi. Setelah lebih dari setahun menulis skripsi, hari itu, saya diuji oleh tiga dosen paling dahsyat seantero FISIP. Namun, kisahnya ada di hari-hari sebelum sidang itu dilaksanakan. Continue reading “Setahun Kemarin”

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No easy way

It was a hard decision to leave IFT, my former office. The dilemma was tight as top seat officers really did something to make me stay. But, the decision to leave had already taken.

One of my old friend was questioned the reason why I left. He knows writing is the easiest and the most suitable job for me. “I left my blog for months since I worked at the field as journalist. I need to consumes more books, music, blogs, magazines. Actually, being my kind of journalist was tiring, mate,” I answered him. Continue reading “No easy way”

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St Bernadet, Riwayatmu Kini

Saya sedih mendengar apa yang terjadi pada umat St Bernadet belakangan ini. Paroki yang membesarkan saya ini kembali menemui jalan buntu untuk beribadat. Beberapa pihak menghalangi mereka menggunakan lahan untuk kegiatan peribadatan di kompleks Tarakanita, Kelurahan Sudimara Pinang, Kecamatan Pinang, Kota Tangerang Selatan.

Saya mau berbagai beberapa fakta yang mungkin anda perlu tahu. Untuk menghindari penceritaan yang bertele-tele, saya buat dalam poin-poin agar lebih nyaman dibaca. Continue reading “St Bernadet, Riwayatmu Kini”

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About something in people’s mind for years

It’s been a long time Indonesian history was constructed to see communist as a bad thing. Reds, killers, rebels, vandals, etc. 1998, reformation spirit succesfully forced Soeharto stepped down. Everthing suddenly changed, like the past was the worst thing happened. But, something in your mind which is implanted for years couldn’t be seen as a simple thing. People couldn’t easily forget PKI as bad thing constructed by Soeharto’s era.  It is ideological heritage. In fact today, some people still think that Communism is indentic with reds, killers, vandals. Some others just do not know what Communism is. So sad.

I’m not trying to say that Communism is good. I’m not saying that. I concern about how people see Communism. A lot of people was discriminated because they were reds. A part of film Sang Penari (The Dancer) told us that most of them are victims. Poor and leterless. Visum at repertum the killed Generals were secret. The saddest thing is nowadays some people don’t try to understand what Communism is and what happened on September 30, 1965. Most are scared to talk about it. This is Soeharto’s heritage on people’s mind.

I have to say that nowadays Communism is not popular. In Indonesia, mostly youth knew it only as a part of Indonesia’s dark history. As people said, 30S-PKI was a fairy tale for youth, they won’t know the truth. The choice is to believe or not, and whom to believe to. School doesn’t give a space for students to know the idea of Communism. Based on my experience in school, my teacher told me that Communism is about equality. “Sama rasa, sama rata,” he said. I’m understand it’s the point of misunderstanding. Reproduce misunderstanding.

All I can conclude that is something in (y)our mind were ideologically implanted. For sure, it needs so long time to be changed.