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Dead forest

Dead forest of Mt. Papandayan, Edo Karensa

once here was a flourish tropical forest
until lava eruption rolled the forest down
leaving only the dust and died tree stems
tourists feeling happy and take photos
on the sorrow look of the dead forest
upload to Instagram with caption they find on Google Search
if you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere, says Vincent Van Gogh
avoid the world it’s just a lot of dust and drag and means nothing in the end, Jack Kerouac quoted
you were made from dust and to dust you will return, Genesis 9:13
et cetera
but the dust can do nothing
only filling the tourists’ distal nail plate
and sticking to their flawless skin creating unlawful discomfortness
imagining one day the lava of selfishness roll down their civilization
and turn down the lights of city of prosperity and modernization
only orange traffic lights flashing
six hours away from the dead forest

Bahasa, Story

Pasang! Pasang!

Suatu malam, saya dan nona Gisela Wulandari pergi untuk makan di salah satu kedai nasi goreng favorit di daerah Ciledug. Sesampainya di lokasi, kami “disambut” pemandangan yang kurang lazim: sepasang suami istri bertengkar.

Sebagai manusia kepo, saya melangkah perlahan sambil mencuri dengar apa duduk masalahnya. “Oh, selingkuh,” saya berbisik pelan.

Makin lama, pasangan ini makin beradu keras suara. Urat leher mereka mulai tampak dan kuping saya sudah mulai gerah akan bisingnya.

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Marriage talks so typical

It always be both pleasant and strain talks when the topic is marriage.

Smile is always there, but long deep breathe used to precede every words my heart has spoken. It could be a symbol of consideration, carefulness, doubt, or even deep-thought for something I yet understand or think about.

But, like the other life game, it forces me to keep progressing on something I believe to bring happiness for millions of hearts. Marriage feeds love and happiness to the hearts of parents, families, friends and last but not least, the lovely one.

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“You need some rest”

Today is the second day I don’t go to the office because I don’t have one. Last week, I officially resigned from my position at a business risk consultant.

Days before my last day, I asked my girlfriend, “Hey, I’m still looking for new job and I haven’t got one. You sure I’m doing this?”

“Sure. Take some rest! You need it desperately . It was only a couple day after you finished your thesis revision, you started working at your first office. And it was only a three-day trip to Yogyakarta that separates your moving to the second office. Have a breathe, man!” Continue reading ““You need some rest””

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Things I’ve missed

Every decision has its consequences. The challenge is how to deal with it.

I’ve walked on pretty different kind of living in last half year, since I moved to a new office. Many things I lost due to this decision. At the same time, I’ve got a lot of options in managing my spare time.

Without reducing a bit of my gratitude for what He has given to me, honestly I kind of missing the things: Continue reading “Things I’ve missed”