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Doa Tanpa Tedeng Aling-Aling

Syukur atas Sepak Bola. Hal. 106.

Beberapa pekan lalu, saya membeli sebuah buku doa karya G.P. Sindhunata, SJ. Judulnya, Dari Jurang yang Dalam: Kumpulan Doa Padupan Kencana. Buku ini diterbitkan oleh Penerbit Boekoe Tjap Petroek tahun 2014 dan diperoleh melalui lapak buku online.

Tidak seperti buku doa Katholik yang mudah didapat di toko rohani atau tempat peziarahan, buku ini menyajikan doa-doa yang menurut pribadi saya sangat relevan dengan masalah sehari-hari dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan spiritualitas manusia. Si penyusun buku, Romo Sindhu, menyentuh ruang-ruang ekspresi manusia yang jamak timbul dalam interaksi kepada Tuhan-nya.

Sejatinya, semangat doa dalam buku ini tidak berbeda dengan doa yang umumnya dijumpai umat Katholik. Hanya saja, ekspresi dan permohonan pendoa ditampilkan lebih telanjang tanpa ini itu sehingga doa tidak hanya jadi sarana bersyukur melainkan juga bercerita sejujur-jujurnya, telanjang, tanpa tedeng aling-aling. Continue reading “Doa Tanpa Tedeng Aling-Aling”

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Heart over head

Saeni, the warteg cook

The 53-year-old Saeni has lately captured public attentions in Indonesia after a news broadcaster showed how ‘mean’ the Satpol PP officers seizing foods from her small stall. On the basis of a discriminative local regulation, the officers prohibited Saeni –a cook for low-classer in Serang, Banten– to open her food stall, alias warteg, during Ramadan fasting month.

But, the public responses drive me crazy.

The online crowd funding portal collected Rp 265,534,758 cash for Saeni –thanks to massive media coverage– meanwhile President Joko Widodo has also sent his bucks for Saeni the tyrannized cook. How generous we are.

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A friend leaving us

I was shocked this morning. A Whatsapp group told me that a college friend Kristina Rintik died this morning at a hospital in Bintaro.

Tragically, as a friend of her, I don’t even know she suffered from something. The last update I knew about Rintik  was that she married her man last December.

Photo by Vincentia Nitya

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“You need some rest”

Today is the second day I don’t go to the office because I don’t have one. Last week, I officially resigned from my position at a business risk consultant.

Days before my last day, I asked my girlfriend, “Hey, I’m still looking for new job and I haven’t got one. You sure I’m doing this?”

“Sure. Take some rest! You need it desperately . It was only a couple day after you finished your thesis revision, you started working at your first office. And it was only a three-day trip to Yogyakarta that separates your moving to the second office. Have a breathe, man!” Continue reading ““You need some rest””

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Things I’ve missed

Every decision has its consequences. The challenge is how to deal with it.

I’ve walked on pretty different kind of living in last half year, since I moved to a new office. Many things I lost due to this decision. At the same time, I’ve got a lot of options in managing my spare time.

Without reducing a bit of my gratitude for what He has given to me, honestly I kind of missing the things: Continue reading “Things I’ve missed”