English, Poem

Dead forest

Dead forest of Mt. Papandayan, Edo Karensa

once here was a flourish tropical forest
until lava eruption rolled the forest down
leaving only the dust and died tree stems
tourists feeling happy and take photos
on the sorrow look of the dead forest
upload to Instagram with caption they find on Google Search
if you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere, says Vincent Van Gogh
avoid the world it’s just a lot of dust and drag and means nothing in the end, Jack Kerouac quoted
you were made from dust and to dust you will return, Genesis 9:13
et cetera
but the dust can do nothing
only filling the tourists’ distal nail plate
and sticking to their flawless skin creating unlawful discomfortness
imagining one day the lava of selfishness roll down their civilization
and turn down the lights of city of prosperity and modernization
only orange traffic lights flashing
six hours away from the dead forest