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Marriage talks so typical

It always be both pleasant and strain talks when the topic is marriage.

Smile is always there, but long deep breathe used to precede every words my heart has spoken. It could be a symbol of consideration, carefulness, doubt, or even deep-thought for something I yet understand or think about.

But, like the other life game, it forces me to keep progressing on something I believe to bring happiness for millions of hearts. Marriage feeds love and happiness to the hearts of parents, families, friends and last but not least, the lovely one.

Joy and happiness majored the talks of marriage.

But, sometimes, the talks ran to the room of personal goals, maturity and readiness – which actually helps me a lot and gives considerations to manage my expectations on after-marriage life.

There were seldom disapprovals.

And I am working so hard to focus not merely on the preparation of the wedding ceremony and its too much yabba-yabba things, but also the marriage itself. So is she trying to.

I actually have no expectations of long jump, huge difference, or big change to an after-marriage life. I do believe that marriage is exactly what Khalil Gibran described as “we choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”

So the time I [will] propose you dear, I’m begging for the joys and sorrows of living forever with you.

I love you. I always do.

Surakarta, Sept. 12, 2016




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